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Ø Is For Øverwritten 21/60

Ø Is For Øverwritten 21/60 published on 9 Comments on Ø Is For Øverwritten 21/60

New subscriber-exclusive wallpaper set on Patreon — cozy frosted snowglobes, to cheer up some cold dark nights.

December wallpaper


Violet (thinking): Really hope there’s not something evil getting baked into the candy.

Washroom on the left, kitchen on the right . . . We’re going straight ahead. Looks like the door to the attached apartments.

???: Excuse me! You folks live in this building?

Violet: No — a friend invited us over. Problem is, now they’re not buzzing us in. Can you help?

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Considering my comment yesterday, I am now laughing like a crazy girl at that timing. I wonder about the mysterious character who’s been tested for years, and boom there she is.

So, are we looking at another witness protection rehabilitation deal, or something far more sinister?

It’s a good question! Based on Kale’s affinity for mind control and the fire spirits’ role in prophecy, fire magic seems ideal for the kind of invasive shield that’s on this place. But Alfhild could be a red herring for Violet, Atarangi, and the others. I’m also curious if the whole “hurting people just because she could” thing was an accurate assessment of her deal or if, like Kale, there’s more to the story. I kind of hope she’s a potential friend for Kale. He could really use someone who gets it.

“hurting people just because pronoun could” is very rarely the whole story. It’s rare that it’s an honest part of the story at all. But people in power tend to be pretty quick to point people in that direction, because the actual reasons could make them look bad. So when I hear someone using that phrase to justify somebody else’s actions, I tend to think cover-up.

Full disclosure, I went to school with someone who actually stated he hurt people because he could. But really, he hurt people because his father was an abusive ahole, and hurting others helped him to feel less weak. I went to school with someone else about whom people said he hurt people just because he could. But he had a parent and two step parents who were abusive aholes (because the other parent was apparently good at picking them.) and hurting people helped him feel a bit more in control of his life.

I’m sure both of those stories were far more complicated than I ever understood. I mean, life’s like that. What I understood for both of them was more complex than could be put in a reasonable comment online. But the short answer was, “no, that wasn’t the actual reason. That was just a cop-out.”

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