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Ø Is For Øverwritten 3/60

Ø Is For Øverwritten 3/60 published on 6 Comments on Ø Is For Øverwritten 3/60

Rowan: Right, the threats — you’re still getting them? How can they not have caught the person yet?

Archie: I don’t know! When we find out how they’re hiding, I bet it’ll make a great MCLIS case-of-the-week.

I sort of thought you might be offended that I didn’t ask you to act as security . . . What with you being a professional, and all . . .

With a magic sword and everything.

And we know you can multitask being on guard duty while talking to me.

Rowan: Hey now.

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I’m too busy wondering who took the time to write death threats for the writer.

Part of me thinks that it’s someone a lot like Rowan, who gets argumentative over details. They want to love the show but also continuously tear their hair out yelling “NO! It doesn’t work that way!”

I’ve had a few shows go that way on me, and only a few nights ago I was yelling at the TV over a *really* stupid storyline about computer chips… Granted, I had no interest in actually writing so much as a snarky letter to the show’s writers, but I can see how a more invested personality could go that way.

Now I’m imagining the letter writer shows up to the date and somehow manages to subdue Rowan and Archie in spite of the security. Tied up and at their mercy, the writer begin reading their list of grievances which Rowan begins arguing with them about point by point. After they are saved, Archie praises Rowan for buying time for their rescuers to appear, and Rowan looks flabbergasted and exclaims, “I wasn’t buying time for anything, they were just wrong!”

Me, too, except I’m also imagining Rowan actually convincing the person that they’re wrong to the point where they apologize for both the death threats and their wrong understanding of reality in general.

Sure, I recognize that’s highly unrealistic, but a lot of what I imagine is highly unrealistic.

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