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Ø Is For Øverwritten 36/60

Ø Is For Øverwritten 36/60 published on 8 Comments on Ø Is For Øverwritten 36/60

Sepal: Where’s our dessert, huh?

Petal: Hmm . . . It does seem like it’s taking them quite a while to finish one cheesecake.

Sepal: You think this is a bad sign, huh, Petal?

Petal: Not sure, Sepal . . . I’ll check.

Well, there’s our problem — the waiter stopped halfway up the stairs. Excuse me! We’d like to eat that up here, please!

Sepal: You do a healing spell on them, huh?

Petal: Ohhhh dear.

Sepal: Then maybe next you heal the lights?

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These two REALLY remind me of Thomson and Thompson.

I dunno, Petal reminds me of another character. An animated character. A golden animated character. A golden guarding animated character. Boss, any thoughts?

Hmm…going by the Golden Guard’s early appearances, when he seemed all confident and snarky and above-it-all, I can see it.

But when he loses the armor and the over-powered accessories, Hunter turns out to be a teenager with a short temper and some big insecurities. Whereas Petal is an adult (albeit a vertically-challenged one) who’s had time to develop a more genuine sense of calm and self-possession under the snark. When they get visibly worried (like in this strip) it’s only because there’s genuine danger, not because they’re feeling awkward or in need of outside validation.

Hunter is still welcome to join Petal and Sepal’s Matching Scar Club, though.

An issue: When I used the comic site’s link that I’ve always been using, I got directed to the locked Patreon stuff instead of this page. Is that supposed to be going on?

It is! The regular new comic still goes up at midnight, but this year I’ll be posting a couple of Patreon-exclusive pages every month, and they’ll each get the spotlight of the main page for an hour or two.

I kind of like it. I had fun spotting characters tagged in the patreon post that haven’t debuted into the main comic yet. I can’t wait to see who they are. It’s definitely tantalizing enough to make me even more interested in your patreon.
Someday, disposable income!

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