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Well, that’s something. I’ve been absent the last few days thanks to, as Sesame Street might say, the letters E, T, O, and H. Nonetheless, my lost week, Rowan is kickass, especially since Archie is essentially Dick Wolf, who’s a goofball at best.

I have a question about heart swords. Does the barer need to close their eyes to concentrate, picture the reality of the sword in the current sword-less reality, or because it hurts? Also, do they always close their eyes, or is it more of a personal thing?

I don’t think Rowan actually closed his eyes, here, honestly; I think they weren’t drawn as part of a stylistic emphasis of the dim lighting and unusual seriousness of Rowan’s attitude. It’s a pretty common technique in anime/manga for when a generally lighthearted character is all “shit’s about to get real”.

re: current “potential heartsword” quiz, I wanted to remark it’s an interesting question and made me realize something interesting. I had to go through it twice because I realized my first idea for an answer was “which do I find the most upsetting”, which is totally different from “which do I give myself the hardest time about”.

I guess I assumed they’d be the same, but nope, my personal standards and my emotional responses are totally different, who’da thunk lol

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