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Ø Is For Øverwritten 40/60

Ø Is For Øverwritten 40/60 published on 6 Comments on Ø Is For Øverwritten 40/60

Archie: I’ll call, uh, emergency services —

Rowan: Archie! You gotta go.

Based on the way she’s looking at you — I think maybe your security dropped the ball, here.

Archie: No! They’re good, they wouldn’t just — They must be busy with something else!


Sepal: Hey! You stop it, you leave them alone!

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So, hang on. In the last time travel bit with Hedge and Grassie, I thought future!Thorn said they used spelltech lights instead of spirits. I know he’s from a future beyond this, but has anyone seen any indication they’re still using spirits in this current epoch?

Maybe it’s like fluorescent vs incandescent vs LED lights? Or maybe they’re not as interchangeable as light bulbs are, but the old lighting system still exists while the newer improvement is gaining popularity. Especially if the restaurant wants to give a fancy feeling, like the way candlelight is still used for atmosphere sometimes IRL.

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