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Ø Is For Øverwritten 41/60

Ø Is For Øverwritten 41/60 published on 16 Comments on Ø Is For Øverwritten 41/60

New wallpaper for supporters this month: a fluffy and floppy Tiernan.

Yes, there are still exclusive wallpapers for $2-and-up patrons, on top of the exclusive bonus comics for $5-and-up patrons. Am I making too much work for myself? Possibly. But so far, so good…

Starry Tiernan

Alfhild: Hey, cool it with the sword! I’m here for the writer, not you!

Rowan: You have to go through me to get to him. Are you the one who’s been harassing him on the net, too?

Alfhild: Stars’ sake, defensive fanboy simps are the worst. It’s not harassment. He’s just a fragile snowflake who cries over legitimate criticism.

Rowan: “Eat nails and choke” isn’t criticism.

Alfhild: That’s exactly what a defensive fanboy simp would say.

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I’ll be honest, I’m not sure how to feel about ‘simp’ canonically being a word in the Leif & Thorn universe.

I don’t actually know what it means

It’s an AAVE term that is, among Black men, a pretty serious and loaded insult. It’s been co-opted since to mean something more like “man who is overly servile to (usually) a woman,” but its usage is still heavily charged and highly controversial. I have similarly mixed feelings.

Is it short for “simpleton”, or a stupid person? Also, what does AAVE stand for?

AAVE = African-American Vernacular English, i.e. black American slang

I usually hear it linked to “simpering”, pretending to be especially timid/stupid/biddable in order to gain favor with someone. (In contrast to “being confident in your own skills and trying to earn their respect.”)

Prediction: Rowan is going to be taken out by the Whispers, but then Alfhild is going to come out with some conspiracy crap that is SO STUPID that his anger outweighs his active trauma and he kicks her ass anyway. But then right back trauma town and he needs (and gets) cuddles.

So Alfhild is crazy as a trekkie and a wanna be jedi arguing blasters vs phasers, but I do recall Archie is basically writing the Ceannic equivalent to Law and Order, so we really don’t know whether or not he is a good writer

It’s my understanding that the basic issue is that his episode on Alfhild didn’t match her internal monologue. Considering the way she’s explained her position and the “valid criticisms” she’s chosen, there was basically no chance of him doing that without using some kind of mind reading magic. As such, her outrage basically says nothing about his writing abilities, and I’m not sure how what he’s writing something more like Law and Order versus any other sort of crime drama matters.

I think her primary issue is that she expects everyone else to be a mind-reader also, *and* consider her mind important enough to read. Basically, she communicates even more poorly than I did at my worst, and doesn’t realize she communicates poorly.

On the one hand, mind reading is a real thing in universe. On the other, we’ve seen no indication that Archie can do it, AND Alfhild is massively overreacting.

On the plus side, Alfhild is nicely demonstrating why she was supposed to be in power suppressors for life. And the scars suggest that she went to really drastic measures to get them off.

In addition, while mind-reading is a thing in this universe, we’ve seen plenty to support that using it casually/on random people/for non-critical reasons is not allowed. Reasonably confident that even *if* Archie had mind-reading magic he wouldn’t have been allowed to use it on Alfhild (and he might not have wanted to write his episode the way she wanted it anyway…)

I think that’s giving her position too much credit for logistical awareness.

She knows her own perspective, which is The Truth. She also appears to have a persecution complex, so she also perceives anything that deviates from The Truth as a deliberate offense against The Truth (rather than a different perspective or even just a mistake). This perception is also The Truth.

The end result of this combination is that anything that contradicts her perspective is seen as deliberately against The Truth, including/especially evidence showing otherwise.

(Also, I’m pretty sure if anyone tried to read her mind she would take it as equivalent to a declaration of war against her.)

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