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Ø Is For Øverwritten 44/60

Ø Is For Øverwritten 44/60 published on 14 Comments on Ø Is For Øverwritten 44/60

…for Sunday. Get hyped for the big splash panel on Sunday.

Kiki: Wh-what? I’m not allowed!

Kallie: I’ll allow it.

Kiki: But if someone’s gonna see — Atarangi won’t let —

Kallie: Atarangi! If Kiki reveals herself to Violet right now, will you care?

Atarangi: Don’t care. Do what you want.

Kiki: . . . umm, I guess that counts as permission?

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No, it clearly doesn’t. It does count as an emergency, though.

Agreed. Emergency trumps permission. But Kiki doesn’t apparently understand that yet, so she’ll just have to uneasily accept this as permission for the duration of this crisis. Maybe she’ll understand eventually, maybe she won’t. It’s hard to say, as some system members develop really fast for their ages (sometimes even the system’s age) and other times develop really slowly.

I’ve only known a few systems, but most of them had one or two child headspace members and multiple members who were only really capable of handling one thing, for example cooking. One of those not getting social dynamics was more expected than not. But sometimes, they were still able to learn.

It’s also conceivable that even if Kiki doesn’t really grasp that later, Atarangi will explicitly give her permission to front if Atarangi’s out of it like this at some point in the future, providing a middle ground between understanding ’emergencies are exceptions to many of the rules’ and ‘need permission for any public fronting’.

I kind of feel like the point of the last panel is not so much that they think they actually got permission as they’re acknowledging that it’s not currently possible to get permission and everyone else is going to need to forge on with handling this emergency anyhow… because not doing so is a much worse choice.

I know it’s not meant to be actually funny, but the expressions in that last panel made me laugh out loud. 😀

I hope when she’s less subsumed in whispers she’ll still think her sisters made the right call. Obviously it’s going to complicate their lives a lot, but this is clearly the kind of emergency where people might die, and sometimes you have to take risks to handle those.

As a member of a system, and specifically the front person, I must say Atarangi needs to stop trying to control the others, it’ll only lead to resentment and problems.

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