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Ø Is For Øverwritten 45/60

Ø Is For Øverwritten 45/60 published on 16 Comments on Ø Is For Øverwritten 45/60

No big surprise to anyone, I’m sure — but here we finally have Magical Kiki’s costume reveal.

She has a Sailor Moon-style transformation pend/wand. Atarangi’s costume may have a pretty different style, but her transformation item has a matching design.

Kiki: Rrrgh . . . !



Kallie: Get ’em, girl.

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Cool, are they all able to access magic or just Atarangi and Kiki?

Well, Atarangi said she’s the one with magic in contrast to Kallie. So that sounds as if Kallie couldn’t access any magic at all (or as far as Atarangi is aware).
And Sandy said they’re staying out of body stuff. Wouldn’t doing magic require using the body?

So Atarangi has fire magic and Kiki has water magic – is both inherited or neither?

It could be one parent has fire, the other has water. It could be one of their parents is a magic using system who also has members who do fire and water. It could be one is inherited, and the other isn’t. Maybe they’re the first magical in their family as far back as anyone knows.

The normal rules of how magic is inherited read to me like they didn’t bother to say “tends to” a lot, and it’s just correlated relationships that nobody can explain. Sometimes, stuff just works in a particular way and you don’t know why.

It it was Kiki and not Atarangi dealing with the hell hounds, why is the hat not visible in silhouette when she is hiding in the trees?

Did she just toss it aside knowing it would be back next transformation or has the urgency of the situation merited a sudden level up costume change?

My guess is that a front changing while one is already powered does not require a new transformation sequence. Atarangi powered up, Kiki fronted for just the length of time to cast the individual magics she needed and then returned front to Atarangi.

Alternatively, it could be sufficiently mental for it to possible to cast while not fronting, and Atarangi didn’t actually give up being front for those spells.

Oh, what a cute witchy costume! I love the lily pads.

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