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Ø Is For Øverwritten 53/60

Ø Is For Øverwritten 53/60 published on 9 Comments on Ø Is For Øverwritten 53/60

Medication can’t make you immune to the Whispers, but a combination of “natural immunity from having it before” and “robust anti-depression treatment plan” will give you a solid resistance.

…which is the kind of exacting detail Rowan would usually go into, but he doesn’t want to spend any more time around Alfhild than he has to.

Alfhild: That one got the Whispers right in his ear! The freak didn’t react at all! Something’s wrong with him!

With me?! I’ll have you know I am a blazing delight

Jasmine (thinking): Uh-oh, if this scanner’s been busted the whole night . . .

Rowan: who’s already had the Whispers so now I am medicated!

Archie: Is that how you did it? I was so scared for you when —

Rowan: And YOU!

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Ten bucks he unloads on Archie for not noticing anything the whole night.

Why would he yell at Archie for that? He’s the victim here. He had guards who were the ones who were supposed to be looking for threats. Also that seems out of character.

Seconding the sword safety comment, particularly since it was Rowan’s heartsword specifically!

I’ll double your money on that and say that the general tone of it will be “eyes OPEN when handling sharp objects. these aren’t just sharp, they’re cut- through nearly anything, you could have hurt yourself so badly, if you’d missed a second time the fireball” and then the inelegant tears start to flow as Rowan lets himself FEEL how scared he was to lose Archie.

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