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Archie is doing The Speech here.
Don’t like the way he’s looking at his smartcrystal though. Does he still not get Rowan’s into him or worse, does he not care?

My money is on him not remembering the speech by heart or otherwise checking something to make sure he’s saying it right. Caring about someone can mean knowing where to look for the words if you can’t remember the words themselves.

Rowan’s the one doing The Speech here, although Archie does follow up with the tail of it.

I didn’t think Archie was *looking* at his smart crystal, just holding it, but now that you’ve mentioned it I’m not so sure….

Ah you’re right, I didn’t realize Rowan was the one talking in the second panel.

*I* think that’s the face of a writer who’s just been struck with inspiration and knows that he needs to take notes RIGHT NOW.

That was my thought too, and as much as I love Archie’s riff on The Speech, if he’s writing it down now I’m not thrilled with Archie for it. There’s dedication to your craft and serving the muse, but this is a time to focus on your friend who just went through trauma and is weeping in your arms!

Counterargument, Archie went through trauma too and drawing inspiration from the events to transform the narrative into a fictionalized show based on real events may be his way of dealing with the trauma.

As my unconscious mind turned over this situation throughout the day, this past strip from Archie and Rowan’s very first personal chat came up:

“If my actual story was in the news . . . if people were judging my personal life and fictionalizing it without my permission . . . that would suck.”

Now I really hope that’s not Archie’s ‘the muse has struck’ grin, or that he has the good sense not to break Rowan’s trust for the sake of his muse.

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