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Observation Dex 10/18

Observation Dex 10/18 published on 6 Comments on Observation Dex 10/18

D10: More seriously, D — do you have a regular working partner these days? Because if not, I might want to put in a request.

You know I only try to one-up you because nobody else ever made it a challenge.

Del: Hah! It’s flattering, but I’ve been assigned with . . .

Del (thinking): . . . oh dear, this is embarrassing, I can’t recall her name. Or her face. Or anything precisely that she’s done.

Del: . . . never mind, I’m not certain you have the clearance to know.

D10: We have the exact same clearance level!

Del: Well, I ought to confirm it first. Just to be safe.

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Just to say, it’s not just about clearance, but also about need to know. I mean, at the lower levels of secrecy, need to know isn’t required. But at the highest level, everything requires not only top secret clearance or whatever, and the need to know the thing.

In this case, Del could easily decide that D10 doesn’t have a need to know who their partner is. They could even decide that might be why they can’t remember – *they* also apparently don’t have need to know on who their partner is. 😉

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