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Observation Dex 11/18

Observation Dex 11/18 published on 13 Comments on Observation Dex 11/18

This is Laurel un-transformed. All her regular clothes use similar shades and cuts as her magical-girl costume, to make it easier for her to recognize herself in photos and mirrors.

Laurel and Holly’s home.

Laurel: Holly! Your results letter is here! Come down and open it!

Letter: . . . junior grade Star Mage, certified Opal-class . . .


Laurel: . . . What’s that for? You passed!

Holly: Yeah. So, nothing exciting.

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Safe to presume that this ranking is actually very good for her age and level of competency?

Based on my limited experience in that sort of thing*, this responce seems about right – in a similar circumstance, I was having fun doing all the questions/puzzles, got disapointed when they stoped just as they where getting interesting, and then was rather bored with the result (especially in the reading comprehension test – it was effectively “we don’t know, the test doesn’t go that high”)

*I may have topped out in a couple of aptitude tests – not trying to brag, just stating a fact – and I’ll just as readily admit to failing miserably in some tests for other aptitudes. It’s what’s known as “Dual Exceptionality” if you want to look it up.

I ran into something similar. They couldn’t be bothered to test my reading at higher than a fifth-grade level when I was in first. (11-year old’s standard comprehension at age 6).

As for Holly: She was waiting for the other shoe to drop… and it landed exactly where she expected it to. all that hemming and hawing and nervousness and it amounts to nothing? That can leave you feeling empty.

Personally, I don’t see a sigh as necessarily indicating disappointment. Ever hear of a sigh of relief? But in my experience, people don’t understand sighs of relief. I’ve even talked to some people who, on reflection, asserted that they didn’t understand their own sighs of relief, and thought they were disappointed.

I think, as a culture, we may be something of adrenaline junkies.

That could be a sigh of relief sigh, but that doesn’t look like a sigh of relief face.

Yeah, but she’s talking to a woman (Laurel) who can’t read faces to the point where she can’t determine two completely different people apart based on their facial features. Thus Someone’s Ed’s statement can still make sense.

That said, there could be audio cues we can’t pick up on due to comics being a non-audio medium, which Laurel could.

If we’re looking through Laurel’s eyes, we get treated to a white circle with a couple of eye dots, a line mouth, and maybe some eyewear. As we are actually seeing Holly’s face, I think it’s safe to say that w’re getting the full version of her expression.
That being said, Laurel either doesn’t know the difference between the two, or can tell them apart using just the audio cues (and maybe a bit of body language), so it wouldn’t realy make much sense to show this scene through her eyes…

I really like the mix of “modern” and “old” technology in this world. They have smartphones made out of magic crystals! And seal envelopes with wax. It’s just really neat.

….huh. TIL the probably-should-have-been-obvious fact that people who are faceblind can’t recognise themselves.

I recognize pictures of myself mostly thanks to my glasses (plus my knowledge of the clothes and hairstyles I’ve had through the years). When I look at pictures of myself without glasses, I wouldn’t know it was me in the picture if I didn’t remember being there when it was taken. It’s a little disconcerting.

This might also be why most of the people I’m attracted to are glasses-wearers. They look more distinctive to me!

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