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Observation Dex 12/18

Observation Dex 12/18 published on 11 Comments on Observation Dex 12/18

Holly: It’s nice that I didn’t fail, that would’ve sucked . . . But passing tests isn’t special for me — it’s just expected.

Laurel: . . . Less than one percent of magical girls have reached this level at your age.

Holly: So it wouldn’t be expected from the other 99%! But it is from me.

Laurel: Would it help if I told you how proud I am that you worked so hard to get here?

Holly: Would you not be proud if I told you it wasn’t hard? If it all came easily to me?

Laurel: Okay, yes, I see how that wouldn’t be as uplifting as I wanted.

I was afraid giving you both letters would be too much excitement for one day . . . Now I just hope this other one will be enough.

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Ah, now I see it. “What do you get the person who has everything?”

My bet’s on that second letter being Holly’s transfer authorization. Something along the lines of:

Opal-Class Star Mage Holly Cerise:
You have right of first refusal on this assignment. Due to Nature Acolyte Cedar Oseille’s unique situation, he needs a tutor who can travel with him. As you seem to have established a rapport with him during his most recent assessment, I have recommended you.
[appropriate parting address],
Magus Thorne Raifort

This Would meet several of Holly’s pie-in-the-sky wishes.

1: See Leachtrich (cuz she’s touring with the company.)

2: She wanted to visit Burnspoint for backstage tours/maybe do SFX for a show. Chances are she’ll see how Leachtrich is made and she could round out the effects for Telga, what with being a certified STAR MAGE who’s hanging around anyway. (admittedly it’s a bit late in the season to be including a new SFX performer, so that may be a bit of a pipe-dream.)

3: as a tutor, she could justify ‘breakout’ sessions with Cedar to drag him out to see places of outstanding natural beauty near the tour cities as part of his Nature Mage training, while also, y’know… Seeing places of outstanding natural beauty herself.

4: This gives Erin a reason to DRAW all of the above if/when she needs a lighter, fluffier story for breathers between heavier storylines ;).

While putting them together makes sense, I don’t think Cedar is so important to warrant such assignment … and while I can easily see someone arranging it Holly might get suspicious about that.

It would actually make more sense if the company DID needed new SFX or something. Possibly for some new play or upgraded version of Leachtrich to be performed for some really important people.

basically I’m working on a “He’s too powerful to leave untrained” basis.

I doubt he’s that powerful. On the other hand, ANY magical girl is probably dangerous to leave untrained, and he may be resisting the training …

Oscar was strong enough to transform at his initial screening. We know that Mage-talent is a ‘use it or lose it’ deal, as Thorn was strong enough that he could have nurtured the talent and become a Water Magical Boy… but chose the Sword instead.
Oscar is admittedly younger, but he actively ignored nurturing his talent and didn’t fall below the transformation threshold.

Sword is also magic. I don’t think you can normally lose your magic talent, Thorn is just siphoning all magic to the heartsword so is in no danger of accidental transforming.

I’m not sure it works that way. Theoretically there’s nothing stopping someone from training in Magical Girl AND heartsword. You would just be less SKILLED at both. and if Thorn could do ANY magic at all and his powers hadn’t diminished, I’d think he would have at least had bb’s first spell-muscle-flex when the Wyrm toasted his teammates, including the water mage that was part of the team (as opposed to the water mages that were just on the same assignment.)

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