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Observation Dex 16/18

Observation Dex 16/18 published on 2 Comments on Observation Dex 16/18

Rowan is secure in his talents/intelligence — he’s not going to get angry or jealous that his teammate is brilliant at everything — but it sure would’ve been nice to find some area where he has the edge.

Sønheim Embassy, North Gate.

Rowan: So, uh, Pas. How are you with . . . math?

Pas: Not as good as I used to be! One teacher did plead with me to major in it, but that was years ago.

West Gate.

Rowan: Any medical background?

Pas: I did submit a guest script that became an episode of Ville-de-Prince General . . .

Rowan: Okay, that means you’re good at writing, but —

Pas: . . . based on a case I researched before I passed the exam to enter the med corps!

Rowan: Unicorn husbandry?

Pas: I’m no expert, but if it’s an emergency, I can deliver one bare-handed.

Rowan: Cooking?

Pas: I’m making dinner for my sibling tonight!

Rowan: Good thing the longsword-wielder’s on our side, huh, Violet?

Violet: Yeah . . . sure would be tough to face an enemy who cooks at you.

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Clearly, Violet has no idea just how nasty facing a cook can be.

Bonus skills to knives.

Assuming they cook meat, they probably have a bonus to any anatomy skill checks on any rolls to identify a vulnerable point to strike.

But the most impressive danger is the enemy you’re not yet aware of cooking food to defeat you without combat. Poison isn’t the least of the concerns; the psychological aspect can be just as deadly. And with the attitude Violet expresses here, they’re vulnerable.

Not forgetting the classic morale-damaging tactic of holding a sumptuous meal upwind and just out of missile range of a besieged fortress or town. That’s a real test of military catering ability!

Captain: Look at those defenders salivate! And all this on standard rations, too. You’ve really outdone yourself, cookie. You’ll get a mention in despatches for certain!

Narrator: Lime Grettan went on to become the most highly decorated cook of all time, credited with ending the sieges of Malman, Spettingden, and Wrothy Crag, and also with personally laying out General Lasser at the Battle of Folc Wood, along with his bodyguard, using only a very large ladle and some rather spicy stew.


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