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Observation Dex 18/18

Observation Dex 18/18 published on 10 Comments on Observation Dex 18/18

A couple of readers wondered if D10 looks similar to Archie Stavros because of a family resemblance. I always pointed out that they’re both United Islander. Nobody took the leap to notice D10’s similarities to the other main United Islander character…

Pas: Hello, Dexie. Is the plan still on?

Dexie (call): Yes — this is turning out to be one of the good nights. How close are you?

Pas: I’m right outside!

Agent D10: So you are! Hey, sis. Just a second, I’ll buzz you in.

Pas: I hope you worked up an appetite at the museum today!

D10: You have no idea.

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Okay, don’t know why but my warning sirens are going off, anyone else?

Pascentia works at the embassy with Thorn.
Pascentia is visiting her brother and his partner.
D10 is her brother.
D10 has(to our knowledge) never met Thorn.
D10 does, however, occasionally works with Agent D.
Agent D occasionally crosses paths with Thorn.
Agent D works with WiB often enough that it’s probably rude that D can’t remember WiB’s name.
WiB seems to be the one primarily assigned to Thorn.

That feels like kind of a reach to be any sort of threat, so it’s probably just a small world.



I thought D10 was Pascentia’s sibling?

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