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Observation Dex 4/18

Observation Dex 4/18 published on 12 Comments on Observation Dex 4/18

D10: This is the job. It’s important. There are always warning signs before a magical girl goes dark. We need to get better at catching them. How many have we missed in the past decade?

How many slipped our notice for so long that they wore capes by the time we tried to take them down? How much damage have they caused in the meantime?

Del: How long have you been at this?

D10: Since the normal opening of business. I wasn’t here overnight, if that’s what you’re implying.

Del: And in that time, how many subjects have you finished reviewing?

D10: . . . No comment.

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Question: Magical individuals are clearly vital to the Ceannin economy and government, especially occupying high posts like Minister of Prophecy. What would occur if even half if the ones that are either datk or in the process of going dark decide they aren’t gonna tow the official line anymore?

Confusing question, because you make it sound like the dark mages are toeing the official line *now*, and they really aren’t! (Unless they have no other choice, like the ones in prison with their powers blocked.)

It doesn’t just happen to anyone out of nowhere like catching a cold. And they don’t promote mages to important positions without checking the risk, same way they don’t give anyone a national security clearance without a thorough background check.

So there’s no underground movement of dark mages?

Underground movement, as in, a secret dark-mage organized crime ring? Or a grassroots effort to lobby for change and sweep pro-dark-mage candidates into office? Or a wave of dark-mage pop culture that hasn’t hit the mainstream, you only know about it if you visit the hottest clubs?

If it’s the first one, no, because there aren’t enough of them to sustain an all-dark-mage crime ring. (Even if there were, two mages going dark doesn’t automatically mean they’ll have the same goals, or work well together, or even like each other.)

But any underground criminal, organized or not, would already not be “toeing the official line,” Can’t stop something you’re not doing in the first place…

Poor choice of phrasing then. What would happen if even half of them decided they’re done playing nice and rose up against Ceannis?

At a guess: “We, uh . . . kill them. Hopefully without too many other people dying first.

I think the ‘dark wave’ is a non-issue. We’ve had two ‘dark’ mages in the series so far. IIRC, Laceleaf’s Stalker was self-trained, and Kudzu’s power was cultivated in secret, (and I suspect he was raised by anti-government whack jobs.) This leads me to think that the system works, by and large. Seeds of Darkness are rooted out before they can blossom, one way or another.

On the other end of the stick: Mages are rare, and to a person they don’t wear helmets. Provide a couple of long-range weapons specialists with well-armored decoys and… Pop.

Hence why I followed up asking about a movement or organization. Kudzu already has a body count to his name that people are still shocked by. If they organize, identify each other, we’re in a new ballgame.

That’s like saying, in the real world, “what if all the serial killers organize and identify each other and rise up against the government?”

I mean, in theory they could, but what would they get out of it? What are the common goals they share that can only be accomplished as a group? Why would they even trust each other? “Shared interest in mass murder” is really not a thing people tend to organize around.

(…and before anyone brings up terrorists/white supremacists, those groups are organized around specific ideologies, not murder in general. There’s no reason dark magicals would all share the same ideology.)

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