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Observation Dex 9/18

Observation Dex 9/18 published on 9 Comments on Observation Dex 9/18

Ah, heartwarming moments of #TransSolidarity.

Del: Now, honestly, how many of the subjects have you reviewed?

D10: I’ve been through all the files. Several times.

Del: And, being quite realistic, how many risk factors have you discovered in them?

D10: . . . None. If any of them are going to turn evil, it’s far enough in the future that it’s not showing up on scans yet.

Del: Then stretch properly, mark the lot as approved, and go home to your husband.

D10: Mm.

You know, if you were a man, I might invite you to join us some time.

Del: Why, if you were a man, I might accept.

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I don’t understand. So what is 10’s gender? I thought he was a male? Or is he a transfender female? Their gender was never mentioned or if it was, I don’t remember and it’s not in the cast page, so I don’t get if she’s making a jab at him not being a “man” while he actually is a man, or if he’s actually a she so Del is just stating her preferences?

D10 is nonbinary! They’re neither a man nor a woman. (It’s on the wiki, and they’ve been referred to as “they” in the strip before.)

Oh okay. It’s not on the cast page though, and I didn’t think of checking the wiki (since if it’s not on the cast page, why check the wiki). 😀 Thanks! What is their physical gender btw? I thought that trans are only ftm and mtf etc, while nonbinary are queer but not trans?

Stuff from a Real Life Trans Person (TM):
Generally, you want to say “sex” or “assigned gender” instead of physical gender, as that equates gender with genitals. It’s also a pretty intrusive question, one you should never ask a real life trans person. Similarly, it’s a bit offensive to ask a trans person what their given name was (especially using the phrase “real name.”)
Mtf and ftm are terminologies that have fallen out of favor among actual trans people. Generally, the preferred terms are trans woman and trans man, or simply woman and man.
Some nonbinary people do not consider themselves trans for various personal reasons, but in general anyone who identifies as a gender other than the one they were assigned at birth is trans.
If you have any other questions, there are lots of great online resources out there. You can also message me here, and I’ll do my best to help:

I’m a bit confused what you mean by “not on the cast page”, as the cast page is just pictures & names, no pronouns or genders of anyone? If you mean D10 isn’t on there, that’s not true, they’re the last of the Ceannis characters.

I’m being a bit blunt, but their physical parts are none of your business. It literally doesn’t matter and knowing would only serve to skew your perception of them toward one binary or the other, which would be incorrect. The only time this question should ever be asked is if you are about to be physically intimate with someone or if you are a medical professional and the wound or illness is in that area. Otherwise it’s unnecessary.wh

Other commenters are right that it would be rude to ask these questions of a real person! But since D10 is a fictional character, I don’t mind telling you that they’re biologically male (i.e. a sperm-producing mammal).

That’s about biological sex, not gender. Gender is how you identify in your heart/mind, regardless of any physical traits.

“Queer” is a complicated word. Like “gay”, it was used as a slur for a long time, but it hasn’t been reclaimed as much as “gay” has. Some nonbinary people use it, some don’t.

Nonbinary people can identify as gay/lesbian, bi/pan, or straight, just like anybody else.

Not all nonbinary people identify as trans. (That’s also complicated.) But a lot of them do, because they want the same kinds of things that trans men & women do — to be called by names and pronouns that fit their gender, to alleviate their dysphoria with hormones/surgery, and so on. If you refer to nonbinary people as a subgroup of trans people, you’ll generally have the right idea.

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