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Observatory Mission Flashback: Movie Night

Observatory Mission Flashback: Movie Night published on 3 Comments on Observatory Mission Flashback: Movie Night

Rowan: I brought popcorn! What are we watching?

Violet: The astronomers can’t decide. Guess it’s on us to break the tie. Here’s what’s in the observatory library . . .

They got the latest season of MCLIS: Quartz City.

Rowan: Are you kidding? Half of its magic is terrible, and all of its science is worse. I know because I already watched the whole season to blog about it.

Violet: The original animated adaptation of the Holger Saga?

Rowan: After what it did to Hildegard’s characterization? No thank you.

Violet: How about The Day The Moons Collided?

Rowan: The premise doesn’t even make sense!!

Violet: It’s a stupid disaster picture. Thing isn’t trying to make sense.

Rowan: I don’t care!

Violet: If you want sense, I better not even ask about Hedge and Grassie . . .

Rowan: Are you serious? They’re amazing! Put ’em on.

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“Hedge and Grassie…”

Heh. Yeah, go with the classics. 🙂

George Burns used to say he had the easiest job in show business. He and Gracie would go on stage and he’d say something like “So, have you heard from your Aunt Tillie lately?” Then stand there, nodding and occasionally saying “Uh-huh,” or “Oh, really!” for the next ten minutes while Gracie rendered the audience helpless with laughter.

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