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Omake: Squicks vs. Triggers

Omake: Squicks vs. Triggers published on 10 Comments on Omake: Squicks vs. Triggers

Bonus space-filling strip before the anniversary tomorrow.


Something you find icky, off-putting, viscerally unpleasant. Even when a squick doesn’t hit you personally, it’s usually not hard to understand how it could bother someone else.

Juniper: For me, it’s bugs. Insects, spiders, slugs — anything creepy and crawly.

Rowan: Infidelity. If a friend did it I might try to understand, for their sake . . . but I can’t read about it.

Annie: Secondhand embarrassment, oh golly. I’ve gotta skim those scenes in books, and walk out of the room when they come on-screen.

Violet: Kissing noises. Which is rough, because I love romances, but can’t be having with that wet smacking sound.

Leif: I like a story where the couple is into xxxx xxxxxx and xx xxx xxxx, but it’s squicky if the one who’s in the xxxxx role asks for xxxx.

Something that provokes a mental illness reaction, such as a PTSD flashback or a depressive episode. A lot of triggers aren’t obviously upsetting in their own right. The brain can associate a traumatic event with any random object or sensation that was around at the time.

Rowan: Okay, you know those hanging wall tapestries with the intricate, pretty diamond patterns? Those are at the top of my list.

Annie: I can’t take confined spaces anymore. Get panic attacks if I can’t see outside.

Birch: There’s this kind of jello they serve in hospitals . . . especially the blue flavor.

Thorn: The smell of cooking meat — especially when I’m stressed.

Leif: I don’t know this in-universe yet, but I have problems with having my neck licked.

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Have Lief’s kinks been enumerated anywhere? I’m curious about that book he’s holding.

Nothing has been stated outright that I’ve seen, but he has previously, in-panel, used a small bit of Sønska that could be used in ‘pet’ play, and translates into similar phrases Ceannic. He also seems to groove on obeying orders and Respecting The Hierarchy, so he may be into domination. If you have to be an indentured servant, there are worse kinks to have!

I could be completely wrong, though!

Based on our author’s other works, I’d have to agree. I’d be quite surprised if there was no D/s or BDSM aspect.

What’s D/S mean now?

D/s is Domination/submission. And for completeness sake, the rest of that acronym is bondage and sadomasochism.

Like Leif, I’m into xxxx xxxxxx and xx xxx xxxx, but it’s squicky if the one who’s in the xxxxx role asks for xxxx. Also, I tend to be triggered by being licked above the collar bone.

There’s no official list, just hints and references throughout the strip. He’s definitely curious about petplay, spanking, and people who can physically overpower him. (And he likes reading about a lot more things than he personally wants to do.)

Second hand embarrassment, I’ve had it for as long as I can remember and it is bloody horrible. Whenever my teachers showed the class a movie unless it was something like a documentary the stress from just the idea it might set off my ‘squick’ was enough to drive me nuts.

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