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Omake: WandaKudzu

Omake: WandaKudzu published on 6 Comments on Omake: WandaKudzu

Crossover bonus comic I drew to celebrate the finale of WandaVision.

“You didn’t think you’d be the only magical girl in this support group, did you?”

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Wanda: Turns out “taking over an entire town and mind-controlling all the residents so they don’t notice” is not an effective way of dealing with your trauma.
Kudzu: I know, right? All you want is to protect the person you love most in the world . . . it seems like the best option at the time . . . and then, bam! You’re turning into a supervillain, and it’s not even fixing anything!
Homura: Don’t know what you’re talking about. This strategy is working out great for me and causing no problems and is totally worth it.

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I suspect it’s not working great for Homura either but can’t see what it’s about on her wiki page …

as far as I know, it’s working out just fine… in that her goal have been achieved and the only possible threats to her regime are disposed of laughably easily in the epilogue. I’m unsure if any other media has continued that particular plot. IIRC the other Puella Magi series follow a different set of Magical Girls in the new timeline.

Someone is in denial~~

In Homura’s case, she took over the ecological niche of something which had already been mind-controlling people to ignore it, and killing many of them to harvest emotional energy. Her new setup avoided getting bystanders caught up in the violence, and managed the esoteric energy budget for stable sustainability rather than exponential slash-and-burn. End result wasn’t necessarily any healthier than the other two in an objective sense but the bar for “improvement relative to previous status quo” was set quite a bit lower.

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