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Only 900’s Kids Will Get This 1/17

Only 900’s Kids Will Get This 1/17 published on 6 Comments on Only 900’s Kids Will Get This 1/17

And now, to take us through Valentine’s Day, a romantic interlude with our favorite vampire couple.

Heads-up for historical transphobia.


Stanczia: Imri, dear! Have you seen the post about the time traveler?

Imri: The what?

Stanczia: On the net. A 200-year-old photo of a man looking at a modern wrist-crystal. Clearly this is a time traveler.

Imir: . . .

That’s clearly a Wacky Bracelet™.

Stanczia: I won’t tell if you won’t.

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I assume the Wacky Bracelet was a fashionable “futuristic” thing that did little more than looked cool – but just happened to look like what the current technology looks like. Possibly even something that was modeled after a sci-fi show that used post-production effects to make it look like it did something – kind of like the Star Trek: TNG pads that looked a lot like tablet computers years before tablet computers were possible.. But with a bit more of a time delta between when it looked cool, and when it was cool because it did stuff.

So wait, if Imri is L&T!Alucard, does that make Stanczia L&T!Integra? Or is it just, “Imri looks similar to Alucard and there’s no other relation, aside from vampires”?

They’re not direct expies — if someone wrote a Hellsing AU where Integra and Alucard acted like these two, it would seem really OOC (not to mention, it would be missing a lot of things I like about the AxI dynamic). But obviously Imri’s design owes a lot of the visuals to Alucard, so Stanczia does have a few of the traits I think vampire!Integra would have. Grace, confidence, effortless menace…excellent stoic poker face.

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