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Only 900’s Kids Will Get This 14/17

Only 900’s Kids Will Get This 14/17 published on 15 Comments on Only 900’s Kids Will Get This 14/17

Lady Fastný (age: 245): Hadn’t you noticed the change in Lady Stanczia? She’s been dressing sexier, smiling more . . .

Lord Gyeücsa (age: 626): Almost everything is boring by her age — but that toy makes her happy.

Fastný: She’s in her late 700’s.

Gyeücsa: And you’re a baby. Sucks to be you right now.

Andsvarr: Well, if she does anything illegal in retaliation, you two are my witnesses! You have to hold her accountable!

Stanczia: No need to worry about that.

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Let me guess…Andsvarr broke some Vampire law so Stanczia torturing or killing him wouldn’t be illegal.

It would be even funnier to me, if she somehow wrangles him being charged under the ‘consent’ bill that the legislature is debating. Perhaps going so far as to vote for it, just to watch Andsvarr burn.

Unfortunately offenses committed before the passage of a law can be argued to not apply as the legal argument is that you cannot convict an individual after the fact.

That is the case in our world… But perhaps not in theirs. Plus, I was sort of hoping to see the proto-Søhenic law work in favour of the little guy for once.

I can see Stanczia being vindictive enough to somehow get him imprisoned for, say, making unethical use of his insider knowledge as a member of the ruling class.

I actually have a little sympathy for Andsvarr. It always sucks to be the one that you did something you thought was normal and OK, only to find out that you crossed some sort of line everyone but you knew about and find yourself in a big heap of trouble with someone.

Of course, this guy doesn’t have Asperger’s (I reckon) and is a vampire without a care for human life.

Ooh I really like Lady Fastný & Lord Gyeücsa’s designs.
“And you’re a *baby*” Hahaha.

Speaking of Vampire ages, what’re the ages of the main cast? You’ve mentioned a few in comments, but a complete list would be great.

Well, let’s do everyone’s ages at the start of the comic as of their first appearance, and hope I don’t inadvertently screw up my own timeline by pinning them down…

Stanczia – 900something
Imri – 235ish
Plum – 65
Gerri – 62
Ambassador Beringar – 54
Peach – 51
Astrid Rødlund – 47
Ludolf – 44
Bennet – 42
Tansy – 39
Larch, Sven – 37
Thorn, Sigrún – 35
Juniper, Delphinium – 33
Kale – 32
Annie, Katya – 30
Birch – 29
Leif – 28-ish
Violet, Rowan – 28
Laceleaf – 26
Pascentia, Quince, Mata – 25
Pato – 24
Elisa – 21
Hyacinth, Angelica – 15
Holly, Ivy, Vine, Cedar – 14
Ragnild, Iona, Hawthorn – 10

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