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Only 900’s Kids Will Get This 15/17

Only 900’s Kids Will Get This 15/17 published on 22 Comments on Only 900’s Kids Will Get This 15/17

Andsvarr: I — I understand you’re upset, but — I didn’t attack you directly, so —

Stanczia: Yes, you only bit a human. That’s legal. And I can’t react as self-defense, right?

Imri: . . . but I can. Any vampire who’s attacked by another vampire is legally entitled to fight back. In any way they feel like.

Lord Imri (Age: 32)

Stanczia: You’re also entitled to protection from your sire.

Imri: That’s right!

Andsvarr: …

Fastný: . . . We’ll show ourselves out.

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And now that Imri is a vampire and probably about to take Andsvarr’s place in the House of the Moon (assuming he had one), Lady Stanczia has a particularly legal-savvy person to help with this new vampire law they’re dealing with.

Does it matter that he wasn’t a vampire at the time that he was attacked?

So… Questions:
1: Imri becomes a peer by being a vampire?
2: “protection from your sire”: Is that ‘protection provided BY the sire’ or ‘My sire’s a brutish thug! HELP!’ ?

1: You mean the “Lord” part? No, he got that by becoming the betrothed of a Lady.

2: That’s “someone attacked me! Sire, protect me!”

Just out of curiosity, how does a vampire sire a new vampire? Surely it’s not just drinking their blood or Leif would have been turned when his was drunk.

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