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Only 900’s Kids Will Get This 2/17

Only 900’s Kids Will Get This 2/17 published on 11 Comments on Only 900’s Kids Will Get This 2/17

Imri: Do the kids these days not understand what Wacky Bracelets™are? They beep! They glitter! They beep more! The king of toys!

Stanczia: I’d offer to buy you the company, but it’s been gone for a century.

Imri: Hmph.

Modern kids with modern tech can’t appreciate them anyway. Not like kids back in the day.

Kid Back In The Day: I’m here to interview Lady Stanczia? It’s for school.

Guard: Really? Back in my day, children would never.

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actual five year old imri

Wait, is it? I’d assumed it was a random Sönheic human girl interviewing her. If not, presumably she has her own nostalgia. “Spiral notebooks? In my day, there were no metal helices! Gods, the fact you call it ‘spiral’ when you mean helical sickens me…”

I think it is ickle!Imri, as the character called Kid Back in the Day in the Transcript seems to be drawing on Our Esteemed Author’s take on Alucard’s look during World War II.

I am open to being wrong, as Our Esteemed Author has also used character designs between Leif and Thorn and But I’m a Cat Person e.g. Briony, President Romarin’s aide, looks an awful lot like Bianca, and Elisa’s doppelganger works as an intern for Bennett’s TV show. Basically, if you have a design worth using, its worth reusing!

Here’s a couple of things you might not have noticed that support this being ickle!Imri. A) Imri is trans, which in general isn’t important, but for the purposes of this storyline, is. B) the first page of this storyline mentions historical transphobia. C) The kid at the gate is called “kid” in the transcript, not “girl” or “boy,” which could be nothing, or could be significant. I honestly confused myself writing that part down.

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