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Only 900’s Kids Will Get This 4/17

Only 900’s Kids Will Get This 4/17 published on 20 Comments on Only 900’s Kids Will Get This 4/17

Stanczia: Welcome to my castle, child. What’s your name?

Imri: I — Imri!

Stanczia: “Imri”? That’s a boy’s name.

Imri: I know.

Stanczia: You don’t smell like a boy.

Imri: I know.

Stanczia: You smell like a girl who’s on her —

Imri: I know!!

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NOW can we kill this leech?

If killing is a step in turning someone into a vampire, it’s not happening until Imri is older.

Ah, but if we kill Stanczia now we prevent one more vampire from being formed.

does Imri DYE his HAIR now??? what an edgelord

It’ll get darker on its own in a few strips…but tbh I’m still trying to decide to what extent “jet-black hair” is something you get automatically as a vampire, to go with the red eyes.

that makes sense, but consider: ancient evils wandering around their castle in dressing gowns with their hair up in plastic bags

They can’t be darkly attractive and menacing ALL the time. Especially when they go to the toilet.

… do they? I mean, do vampires need to go to the toilet? For the intended purpose and not when they go to public toilet to snack on someone else going there.

So, I got here by pressing ‘random’.

Is it abnormal to be able to smell when folks are on their period? The whole tennor of the body oder changes, so if someone hasn’t taken a shower in the past couple of hours it’s a very distinct smell. Makes me sneeze when it’s too strong, but most folks keep their personal hygiene well enough that I only really encounter a smell strong to make me sneeze as an aspect to con-funk.

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