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Only 900’s Kids Will Get This 5/17

Only 900’s Kids Will Get This 5/17 published on 13 Comments on Only 900’s Kids Will Get This 5/17

Stanczia: Huh. That must be . . . hard.

Think of the peace it would bring if I drained you dry right now . . .

Imri: B-but I wouldn’t be able to finish my paper!

Stanczia: . . .

Well, you’re not wrong. All right, Let’s go to the parlor. It has couches.

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“The couches are cursed.”

“That’s bad!”

“But I’ll give you frogurt!”

“That’s good!”

“The frogurt is also cursed.”

“I’m gonna go home now.”

Well, I mean… it depends on the curse, does it not?
Curs’d to be perpetually lumpy could actually be a plus for a couch! Not so much the froyo.

Stanczia is doing the standard Slightly-Too-Touchy Vampire Schtick… with a 14 year old. Five Years of Friendship, or are we going to see a “and that, officer was when she accidentally angered my pet honey badger, and he’s such a delightful conversationalist… I couldn’t let him go.”
Note that according to the laws linked above, Stanczia cannot legally drink her visitor’s blood. Imri is not lost or critically injured, has not consented (and may or may not be of legal age), and has not attacked Stanczia.

That said, maybe this is long enough ago that the laws were different, or maybe Stanzcia just figures she can do what she wants because she’s rich and powerful. Honestly, it’s most likely that she’s just messing with him.

How are vampire regulations enforced, anyway? Is there effective enforcement at all? Does the Sonheic government employ vampire hunting police of some kind? Do the vamps police each other to ensure that they don’t provoke the mortals to act against them as a group?

Now this is a man (boy? A bit unclear on how old Imri is right now) whose priorities are in line with my own. Someone threatening to kill you? “Look, that sounds nice and all, but I’ve got work that needs doing and at least two people are counting on having it done, so I’m gonna pass on the dying thing.”

…not sure if I should be concerned I’m identifying with him, but hey, I would probably give that exact reasoning if I were in that situation. (But with less school paper and more comic/art stuff.)

Dumb tangential question; isn’t menstrual blood different from regular blood?

Ah. So Imri IS trans. Nice of Stanzia to accept that quickly and save him from any further embarrassment. Isn’t one of the vampires also trans, IIRC?

I’m glad Imri is concerned enough about his schoolwork to refuse Stanzia’s offer LOL.

“Your grandfather had a heart attack. when he thought he was dying is thought was ‘but I wanted to collect more rent’ (he owns a trailer park), I imagine you, when you die would be the kind of person to say ‘but I wanted to read more manga'”~ my mom

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