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Only 900’s Kids Will Get This 6/17

Only 900’s Kids Will Get This 6/17 published on 8 Comments on Only 900’s Kids Will Get This 6/17

Imri: You’ve held a seat in the House of the Moon for two centuries. What do you say when people argue those seats should be elected? Like in the House of Commons?

Stanczia: Ridiculous.

We’re not humans — changeable, fallible, in need of regular replacement. We are stable pillars you build your society around. Would you try to re-elect a tree? We are like trees.

Friend: . . . so you asked what kind of tree she would be?

Imri: I panicked! She was so scary!

Friend: If she didn’t eat you after that, she must’ve liked you.

Imri: . . . and so hot.

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This webcomic is great. I really love the depiction of transgender characters as not even noteworthy because they’re just a normal part of this fantasy world, and I wish the real world would be more kind and understanding. Even with fairly liberal parents they still joke about how my long hair makes me look like a girl, and my heart goes “stop joking about it, you keep getting my hopes up that you’ll be reasonable about my dysphoria.”

The fact that they’re not changeable is WHY they should get voted out. You gotta be able to accommodate new ideas in an evolving world.

The issue isn’t just changability and how fast it happens, if I read this right. The issue is how they got there in the first place and the relationship they have with the power they wield.

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