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Only 900’s Kids Will Get This 7/17

Only 900’s Kids Will Get This 7/17 published on 17 Comments on Only 900’s Kids Will Get This 7/17


Years later.

Staffer: Remember, as long as you work here, the Lady is entitled to drink from you whenever she feels thirsty.

But she’s not allowed to kill you, so if you die, then you can sue. Aha! There’s Lady Stanczia. Look sharp.

Stanczia: You’ll be the new accountant, I see. What’s your name?

Imri: Imri, milady.

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Ah, that’s why she loves him.

He makes her money so she doesn’t have to work.

I wonder who the poor sap that does her hair is. Because I find it hard to believe that Stanczia would brush/wash/etc her own hair. She probably intimidates someone into doing it for her…

I was confused by the purple-haired person in panel one, thinking it was a younger Leif with longer hair. Then I realized that based on Lady Stanczia’s comment about the Wacky Bracelet company closing 100 years ago, Lord Imri has been a vampire for about 87 years, thus the purple-haired person could not be Leif. Maybe a relative? Also, upon closer inspection, that person in panel 1 is wearing clothing cut for a female body.

Also I came up with 87 years based on Ickle!Imri being 14 and now appearing to be 27 (based on appearance and job position). And assuming the bracelet company lasted only a year, as fads often do.

Then, something else occurred to me about the timeline that was confusing. Stanczia and Imri speak a language that no longer exists, and that linguists and historians love them because the undead pair can fill in the gaps in the researchers’ knowledge. But less than 100 years doesn’t seem long enough for such a loss of information. Hmm…unless the start of this arc happened longer ago than the “now” of the comic’s title characters. But then, that leads to some interesting discussions on the spell-tech of this world, as Lady Stanczia was looking at a smart-phone analog in comic 1 of this arc. Hmm…

I love this comic. 🙂 It makes my research-y nerd brain very happy, in addition to being an excellent story with well-devoloped characters.

Yes, the purple-haired person is supposed to be an ancestor of Leif’s!

Wacky Bracelets were a thing roughly 200 years before the present day. (Although the fad didn’t last long, the toy company had a lot of experience staying on top of new toy trends, and managed to keep it up for at least a century.) So in this arc they’re speaking in recognizable Sønska, give or take a few centuries of technology and slang.

Stanczia was born 900-something years before the present day, and Imri’s knowledge of more-ancient language comes from her. His deadname (hah) was contemporary to the year he was born; he chose to replace it with a name from Stanczia’s era. At this point he frequently gets mistaken for an actual 900-year-old, and he doesn’t bother to correct people because it’s funnier this way.

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