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Only 900’s Kids Will Get This 9/17

Only 900’s Kids Will Get This 9/17 published on 7 Comments on Only 900’s Kids Will Get This 9/17

Stanczia: Mmm . . .

Imri: You should move your accounts out of Skagendal. The tax law is stricter in Sønheim, but their currency is more stable.

Stanczia: Don’t you ever turn it off?

Imri: I want to be useful to you in every way, milady.

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He’s giving financial advice to the thing that just drained him.

Imri doesn’t seem nearly as put out as Leif ended up… is it because Leif was a meal for two, or did Stanczia extend Imri a courtesy they did not extend Leif?

Then again, I’ve had partners who had trouble shutting up once they got their breath back…

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