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Only One Bed 11/27

Only One Bed 11/27 published on 6 Comments on Only One Bed 11/27

There’s some lighter and less-fraught conversation going on in the new page of Leif & Thorn Off-Shoots.

Violet: So . . . Kiki’s the one with the other magical girl costume, huh. Who’s talking to me now? Atarangi? Someone else?

Atarangi: I don’t want to talk. Go back to bed.

Violet: Ohh no. This place got a whole Tamaputian wing. If y’all ain’t in it, there’s a reason. . . . And y’all don’t look too asleep yourself, neither.

Somebody wants to talk. I don’t know how this works. Is “swapping people on demand” a thing y’all can do?

Kallie: It is! We can! If you don’t want to talk, I do!

Atarangi: Go away, Kallie.

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Kallie, Goddammit, not the time…

Eh, as somone who is in a system I’d say Kallie’s desire to talk is a good thing and healthy. The proverbial cat is out of the bag, so might as well talk about it.

Yeah. Also, this apparently maps nicely to a single feeling conflicted on whether they want to talk with someone or not. You know, that whole “part of me wants to talk, part of me doesn’t” thing. It’s just the parts have names, backgrounds, recognized personalities, different skills, different capabilities.

It’s not clear to me, as a single, if those different parts of me actually have different personalities, skills, and capabilities. It feels like they could, but I don’t know them that well. Them having different personalities could explain why they have different feelings in the same situation. One having a skill and the other lacking it could also explain that. Unlike my multiple friends, I’ve not spent years getting to understand these nuances, let alone the decades they have.

I, too, have been wondering that. I have very unpredictable mood swings and often do things I “don’t want to do”, but there’s no headspace or segregated memory.

I have depersonalizing dissociation, so I’ve often wondered if I would be multiple people if I could think of myself as even one person.

(Pronouns are complicated. Sorry.)

I suspect Atarangi is reacting this way because Kallie still has a thing for Violet and Atarangi is hoping not to go through the complication of dating a coworker (or at least any more than “sleeping with a coworker” has already complicated her life). Presumably they’ve treated her for the whispers, but she’s gonna need some time to process the whole situation of Violet knowing about some of her deepest secrets.

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