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Only One Bed 12/27

Only One Bed 12/27 published on 15 Comments on Only One Bed 12/27

Violet: Listen, this seems like it could get real personal. And I don’t wanna be all invasion-of-privacy up in your business. But.

Earlier tonight, one of y’all zapped some powerful magic right into my personal brain.

Kallie: The lady wants some explanation, Atarangi. And you have to admit — she deserves one. If you aren’t up for talking about it, fine! Let me tap in —

Violet: . . . and I sure would appreciate if they’d do it again.

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So Violet … wants to get high on magic?
That was unexpected. But now Atarangi surely seems awake.

I’m guessing Kiki’s magic didn’t properly cure the whispers, it just masked the problem for a while, and now she’s feeling that ebb. However, it’s possible that Kiki instead messed up and gave Violet at least the beginnings of a magic addiction. It feels like it’s too soon to tell, though.

At least for me. For a qualified medical mage, I suspect a diagnosis would be a lot easier.

The EMTs at the scene recognized that Violet wasn’t *cured* at the time, so I kinda assumed they finished treating her once she got admitted to the hospital. I don’t think they’d just leave her lying there with an active case of the Whispers.

Okay, rereading that Violet didn’t want do waste the good feeling being asleep I probably should have seen it coming up. I just thought she was about to ask more questions about the Neineikura family. But she’s right, this is personal and especially Atarangi doesn’t want to talk about it.

Did Violet always have this American south style accent? Or am I not reading this right?

I was interpreting the “y’all” as “Ceannic, like nearly all languages, has a plural ‘you’ and that’s the easiest English translation,” but after your comment I read her lines again and you’re right, there are other distinctly Southern word choices.

Uh… that seems like a bad sign.

I had several hypotheses last night… not sure if I remember now though. there’s the obvious addiction angle, there could be some kind of “…for science!”, maybe she actually just wants to talk and this is some silly pretext (low probability), maybe she means “do it to atarangi, she still has whispers”… maybe “again” as in “if I ever need that again, hypothetically” (also low probability)…

seeing as they’re in a hospital, though, where there’s proper medical treatment that does a better job (health-wise) than the OP magic-happy-blast, the most plausible option is still the unsettling one.

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