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Only One Bed 14/27

Only One Bed 14/27 published on 12 Comments on Only One Bed 14/27

Heads-up for everyone who’s been following the “potential Heartsword Type Quiz question” polls…a beta version of the quiz has been written, and I’m asking patrons to give it a test drive.

Atarangi: Can everyone just stop for a minute? Yes, there are a few of us in this body. This is Atarangi. The one with the legal name. And the real job.

And who also had the Whispers yesterday.

It is delightful that one of my headmates zapped you into feeling so good. They could not figure out how to do it for me.

Best they could do was drag me somewhere out of the way, handle the rescue, and hope they didn’t have to leave me there too long.

I’m not — You did the right thing, I don’t blame you. And the treatment is working — I feel a lot better than I did.

But no, you can’t swap in to talk to her, because I cannot handle the prospect of being out of the body again right now.

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I feel for Atarangi as a main front person in a system who does the day to day and I get why she needs to be in the body right now. I also think she would be healthier and have a better relationship with her head mates if she didn’t say things like I’m the one with the legal name and the real job. All members of the system are alters, including the main front person. She’s not got more of a claim to the body or their life and operating like she does isn’t a good thing. In the real world, that doesn’t work out well, it leads to rebellion, resentment, and people forcibly taking control of the body because their needs aren’t being met. I really hope Atarangi is able to learn how to treat her head mates as equals and be more cooperative and less combative. I get why she’s not in a good place right now, but invalidating the fact that her head mates jobs and tie to the body matter, isn’t isolated to this event, we’ve seen it before and it not good for her or the others. Hopefully this event can help her come to a healthier place with her head mates, now that they have an outside person in the know.

I 100% agree that it would be better for Neineikuras if Atarangi doesn’t think that she has more claim to the body. I think she might also know that she /shouldn’t/. But shouldn’t is not the same as doesn’t. This is also applies to Rowan yelling at Archie.
I like that Erin includes people trying their best- and after the Whispers or a magical girl attack sometimes you are not your best.
I think it is likely that Atarangi will get better, because this is the second time she brought it up. She said something really cutting to Kallie after she met Violet.

Have we seen the “legal” problem (“the one with the legal name”) with headmates before? Taking my cue from the rest of society, I’ve been thinking that there’s no issue, people would just deal with it.

None of the systems I know have a member with the legal name. I mean, their bodies *have* legal names, they just really don’t like to use them because they don’t feel like they are their names, and they are heavily associated with a lot of really bad memories. They also don’t feel like a change of legal name will particularly help, because the process of setting up a new legal name ties it with the old one.

I mean, I think at least one of the systems I know *has* changed their legal name, but they didn’t change it to be one of their members’ names. It’s just something that they can all use when they need to do legal name requiring things. Ok, so maybe only two of them ever have, but it’s still an option, if for some reason their primary front person wasn’t available and their chef followed through with their “oh my god never again” response to their one experience using it.

Of course, I’m sure a lot of systems do things differently. My primary source for information on systems is a system whose primary job is more or less figuring out what they need to do for their mental well-being and then blogging and stuff about it. It feels like there should be are some systems out there who aren’t nearly as heavy on the introspection, but I haven’t really met any. Most of the ones I’ve met aren’t to the level of introspection that LB Lee gets into, but they’ve all been far more introspective than I am.

Admittedly, it could be that being heavy on introspection is a fundamental aspect of being a system. They know the different parts of their brains so well they even know their names. I don’t feel like I even have a proper appreciation for what that really means.

I do note that Atarangi didn’t say she was the original person. Assuming she isn’t the original person, I wonder if any of the Neineikura system members have met the original person. I also wonder at the circumstances of having changed their legal name to match their main front.

“I do note that Atarangi didn’t say she was the original person. Assuming she isn’t the original person, I wonder if any of the Neineikura system members have met the original person. I also wonder at the circumstances of having changed their legal name to match their main front.”

I’d put money on the pond thing.

Just wanted you to know this is still being read and still hitting hard and still making a difference.

Several of us perk up every time this fantastic system gets “screen-time”; we already really appreciated *any* acknowledgement of plurality, let alone such a respectful portrayal… But this bit of realness hit the feels hard enough to get *everyone* chattering. This is the sort of representation we need in the world – for systems, for LGBTQ+, for neurospicies, for linguistic and cultural diversity, for body diversity, and for all the rest of us who have felt unseen and unheard for so long.

So just. Y’know. Thank you.

Someone’s going to go have a good cry, now.

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