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Only One Bed 23/27

Only One Bed 23/27 published on 7 Comments on Only One Bed 23/27

Another cameo for a backer of the Volume 4 print campaign! The hotel staff member with the thankless job is Alienea.


Rowan: Gotta answer that — it might be the hospital.


Archie: Uh, I guess I’ll answer that, then?

Hospital staff: Sorry to disturb, sir, but we need to scan you . . . and, um, any guests? . . . for the Whispers.

Archie: What? I don’t —

Staff: I’m sure you don’t need it! Probably weren’t anywhere near the outbreak! But the hotel needs to check on every guest. Since your friends or family back home can’t do it easily when you’re traveling.

Archie: . . . and if you miss a sick person on the premises, the whole business could be held liable under magical crime law. Uh, go ahead and scan.

Staff: Thank you for understanding.

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Who are you correcting with this “actually”?

I ask because your comment isn’t getting read by in-strip characters. Only by people who already know this information, because they saw it for themselves, earlier in the same storyline.

When you leave comments that are 100% “getting pedantic and contradictory at a fictional character who isn’t going to respond,” it just makes the whole comment section feel that much more argumentative and less relaxing. Dial it back a little, please!

Actually ;), it might be faster and less complicated to just scan everybody than to check whether they were already scanned. Doesn’t seem like the guests are charged for the scan or it would hurt them or anything like that. Small inconvenience with intelligible purpose not worth fighting over just for the sake of principle.
It’s good to know they’re taking the whispers seriously, even if it’s not contagious between humans.

It sure might!

They can’t take his word for it without checking, and any drawn-out verification process would be a much bigger inconvenience than just…doing the scan.

Archie also used his experience of “researching this stuff for magical crime dramas” to deduce that they’re probably legally required to scan everyone, no matter what he says.

That’s true, the scan looks so easy it wouldn’t make sense to even establish any verification … also, it would be quite hard to ensure they were not reinfected AFTER the previous scan.

Nevertheless, they WERE on ground zero.

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