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Only One Bed 25/27

Only One Bed 25/27 published on 3 Comments on Only One Bed 25/27

The medic is another cameo — not for a backer, this time, since I didn’t have all their information when I was got to this part of the strip.

So I decided to start throwing in some shoutouts to other webcomics. (The artists haven’t paid for them, I’m just spontaneously picking ones I like.) Starting with this AU version of Willow, from XII: Of Magic & Muses.

Medic: Your emergency contact says he’ll meet you at home, Sir Violet. Here’s your things.

. . . If you want to call him back, we can do it at the front desk.

Violet: I can see why I’d need that, thanks.

Medic: Ms. Neineikura, you’re clear of magical damage — but you should take a few days of physical rest, to de-stress, at home.

Unless you have the kind of home that causes stress? If it’s like that . . . don’t.

Atarangi: I want to be home very badly at this point, yes.

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