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Only One Bed 8/27

Only One Bed 8/27 published on 8 Comments on Only One Bed 8/27

…in less-emotionally-fraught updates, there’s a new exclusive wallpaper for patrons. This one comes with tiny bottled versions of Ivy, Holly, Cedar, and Bram.

Bottled magical wallpaper

Rowan: Archie . . . the prospect of “running you through different moves to help you experiment with your sexuality” is . . .

. . . surprisingly hot. And not to brag, but: if I can’t come up with anything you like, then you are completely nonsexual.

Archie: Would that, uh, make it better? Or worse?

Rowan: Stars, I don’t know. Better, maybe? Feels like that rejection would be easier to cope with. Unless . . .

Say you’re not into it. You’re not comfortable. Would you want me to completely take off?

Obviously I’d stop whenever you want, but. If you might be kicking me out, then, just — Please don’t even invite me in.

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On one hand, it’s good that they’re talking it through like rational adults rather than both making assumptions leading to tears, but on the other. It still feels like he’s trying to skip over the phase of getting comfortable with the close presence of another person who’s attracted to you.

Snuggling in the couch with a movie to poke fun at, or ignore, seems like the ideal place to help Archie decide if he’s up for more, rather than offering a full experiential suite. Something is making me wonder if Rowan’s ever had an inexperienced or shy partner who needed a careful touch before, and is doubtful.

I feel like inexperienced partners are something he’s specifically tried to avoid, but also? This doesn’t necessarily feel to me like trying to skip over the beginning bit to me? They can still DO that, but Rowan is also making his goals clear so Archie can decide if that’s a place he wants to try to go. And if Archie is going to need Rowan to leave if it turns out he’s not into things, Rowan is being clear that he can’t handle that kind of rejection right now, and would need more time to emotionally prepare.

Based on the way he’s treated partners in the past… wow, Rowan seems like he’s not acknowledging how tightly he’s linked sexual and emotional compatibility in his mind, yikes. Also, I wonder if we’re gonna hear him work through how he feels like rejection works because it feels like he let that fester into a nasty open wound. He’s put up a tough front with casual encounters but clearly he hasn’t spent time to work through what that’s cost him.

Yeah, if Rowan doesn’t want to come in if there’s any possibility of being kicked out, he shouldn’t enter at all. In a situation like this it’s more important than anything that consent can be revoked at any point someone’s uncomfortable, it shouldn’t be a case where Archie would have to feel guilty if he needs Rowan to leave because he agreed otherwise beforehand.

Rowan is… extremely allo too, huh. Or at the very least, it seems like his ability to conceive of a relationship is extremely heavy on the sexual side, when it’s still possible to have a romantic relationship without that, and could be a safer place to start here.

I think it’s worth remembering that Rowan isn’t addressing “what conceivable types of romantic relationship can exist in general?” (And neither is Archie!)

Both of them are working on “what do I, specifically, want out of a romantic prospect, and is it a good match for what you specifically want out of it?”

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