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Organic Co-Op AU #1

Organic Co-Op AU #1 published on 6 Comments on Organic Co-Op AU #1

Normally “coffeeshop AU” means “we took away all the worldbuilding that made the series interesting.” So for strips like this, I swear there will always be some kind of worldbuilding that reflects on the original Ceannis and Sønheim.


Thorn: Welcome to the Chalice Foods Market! Picking up your bosses’ drink orders?

Leif: Yes! I w-work for Embassy Mining.

Thorn: Awesome. What can I whip up for the ambassadors today?

Leif: Sorry?

Thorn: . . . What can I get you?

Leif: One s-soy la-tay with a-ambrosia . . .

Leif (thinking): None of this was on my Ceanska 101 vocabulary list.

Thorn: Would you rather speak in Sønska?

Leif: Yes! Praise the queen, now I don’t have to guess the Ceanska term for “kirin milk.”




Thorn: Six custom coffee orders For the mining executives. And for you . . .

. . . a Ceanska specialty, to welcome you to the country. On the house.


Thorn: Do you just not have spices in Sønheim, or


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