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Organic Co-Op AU #4

Organic Co-Op AU #4 published on 10 Comments on Organic Co-Op AU #4

Organic Co-Op AU:Central Pride.

Thorn: This is Leif!

Leif: It’s a pleasure to meet you.

Thorn: He doesn’t speak much Ceannic yet. He’s always getting coffee for the embassy from us. Leif, this is Cress and Violet. They are friends of Birch’s wife.

Violet: Lovely to meet you too!

Cress: Just got into law school! I’m thinking I’ll specialize in corporate prosecution. Sorry, no speak the Sønska. That’s bae’s department.

Violet: My firm has worked with your embassy! I do “pro bono” work, defending the rights of undocumented workers.

Cress: Oh, this is Annie — she and Birch are at Castle Crossing.

Thorn: Say hi to them for me!

Leif: What was that?

Thorn: What?

Leif: Why would you introduce me to a woman who helps Sønska illegals? What are you implying?

Thorn: Nothing! We only met her here by accident. It’s not to say a thing about you. But she does work that is good, is what I think. There is so much bad treatment of the “un-document.” It’s not right. I have the sympathy.

Leif: It’s good to hear you say that, because I am totally illegal.

Thorn: Ohhhh.

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Wouldn’t working at the embassy require a visa? Or is it that he would require a visa to be off embassy grounds? I’m not clear on that. Or maybe Sonheim is all “well they’re citizens of OUR, THE BEST, country and that should be good enough for you.

Oh my god, I just made the connection! Intense national pride, hatred and disdain for anything foreign, an upperclass of literal bloodsucking parasites that are above the law… Sonheim is America!

As a counterpoint… Ceannis has a melting-pot culture which is something the United States has as part of its cultural identity…

I went back to Thorn Explains: Ethnic Groups to mine for more information to support the above, and realized, we actually don’t know much about Sønska ethnic groups, other than Leif is ‘Northern’ and outside of Sønska (or at least in Ceannis) Sønska/Sønheic means both the ethnic group that makes up 93% of the population of the country, and a name for citizens.

I don’t even know what I’m trying to say at this point. I’ll just be quiet now, maybe someone more rested can find a point in my ramble?

Have a Great Day, Everyone!

Oh, is this non-canon since it says Co-Op AU? Alternate Universe? Also I’m really looking forward to seeing the next page, because if it is canon and continuing the plot like I thought before seeing the AU, it’s going to be an interesting plot that might move things forward a lot!

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