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Party Prep 1/22

Party Prep 1/22 published on 7 Comments on Party Prep 1/22

Thorn: You know, Leif . . .

This isn’t like an Embassy party, with famous people who will be mad if you don’t know their names.

Leif: It isn’t?

Thorn: No! And you’re not on duty. People won’t expect special attention from you.

Anyway, I can re-introduce you to people as we see them. You don’t need to memorize all this.

Leif: Then I’ll switch to my list of polite Ceanska phrases, and work on memorizing those.

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Always a good idea to have some basic phrases when visiting another country.

I would hope he at least had a heavily-accented version of the four cardinals: “Where is the Embassy?”, “Where is the bathroom?”, “Where is the hospital?”, “Where is the police station?”

“Wo ist der Bahnhof?”
“Ich spreche nur wenig Deutsch. Sprechen Did bitte langsam.”

Autocorrect didn’t notice I was writing German. *kicks software*
Sprechen Sie!

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