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Party Prep 11/22

Party Prep 11/22 published on 17 Comments on Party Prep 11/22

[unintelligible chatter]

Thorn (thinking): Sure is a lively discussion out there . . .

Leif: No, I don’t have those rights! They’re not in my terms of service!

Hyacinth: Everyone should have them! Even though you are a debt! It is not licit!

Thorn: Hyacinth! Come help me with a thing in the kitchen, right now, okay?

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Leif has a ToS? How long is it and how many people just skip it and tick “yessir I definitely read it and didn’t just give my mouse wheel a workout”?


I imagine it’s a bit more difficult, since the product will remind you when you try to exceed the limits of the EULA.

I’d hope there’s an allowance to break a contract and fuckin’ RUN if a client tries to force it to go along with the compulsions to obey. Allowing clients to get away with more than they paid for is bad for business.

How’s that river tour of Egypt going? Having fun?

I put it to you that YOU are in denial of a much more powerful force than a cadre of immoral Vampires running the country.


The Indentured Servitude agreement cannot exist and be perpetuated for the sole purpose of Vampires to get their sadistic kicks. It exists to extract wealth from the vulnerable in the form of service.

Where is the profit in allowing your rentals to be destroyed or damaged to the point they need repair?

Where is the profit in your clients getting access to premium features they didn’t pay for?

Where is the profit in making servitude a guaranteed death sentence.

What YOU seem to continually ignore in your massive hate-on for the vampires and Sønheim in general is Leif is an exception to the majority. MOST servants have a contract that lasts a few years or can be bought out by someone of high enough station. A contract that allows them the flexibility to go, “Y’know what? No. The greasy senator doesn’t get to brush my hair, call me Nina, then sink their plastic fangs into my neck to entertain their fantasy of being a noble.” Leif has been pressured by managers to warp his limits, to expand his boundaries and that is no bueno… but cruelty for cruelty’s sake still has to PAY THE BILLS.

You know, it’s true that this system doesn’t just exist to serve the whims of vampires. Real-world history proves that humans are perfectly capable of coming up with horrible exploitation on their own.

But it’s also true that there are plenty of real-world cases where either (a) workers’ lives are treated as disposable for the sake of profit, or (b) groups of people are abused and dehumanized without a profit motive at all. Or both! (US chattel slavery being a shining example of “both”.)

Leif wouldn’t need to “break the contract” if a renter ordered him to do something they hadn’t paid for, because in that situation, his compulsions would require him not to follow the order. That doesn’t imply there’s a limit to the kind of treatment clients could pay for, or any situation where contract-breaking would be legally allowed.

“Terms of service” here is a neat little euphemism — it suggests something Leif had the choice to opt-out of. Leif talks about his life with a lot of euphemisms.

I recognize this to all be true, but I’d rather not dwell on the awfulness of the fact that this this this fictional situation isn’t too far off from reality, so I focus on creating a narrative where the exploiters use a longer-term, more lucrative and more ethical model for the wrong reasons, e.g. “why would my engine require orphan blood? That’s a terrible lubricant!”, or, in my darker moments : “Why shouldn’t my geas’d servants be able and compelled to visit the pain I use to control the servant unto those who violate their contracts with me?”

Something something page numbers

Never seen someone use licit before, only illicit. Had to think that one out.

Also, “you are a debt”? I wonder if that’s a typo from the author’s side or just Hyacinth not knowing the correct grammar.

I figured it was Hyacinth. If I recall on the guest list she’s noted at a Sønska level less proficient than Fluent.

She’s doing pretty well. If I had to communicate in a language I didn’t know well, then “This isn’t the right way to say it, but they’ll figure it out” would be something I’d do a lot of. Her grammar didn’t fall apart until she got heated, and her meaning is still plain.

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