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Party Prep 17/22

Party Prep 17/22 published on 5 Comments on Party Prep 17/22

Hyacinth: You don’t think I ruined his whole night, do you? If there’s a way I can apologize without sounding like I’m coming around on slavery . . . Maybe I should just not say anything else to him at all??

Thorn: Give yourself a few minutes to think it over, okay? You don’t want to get so caught up in feeling bad that you over-correct.

Take a deep breath . . . have some water . . . help me taste-test some of these cookies.

And you didn’t do anything bad enough to ruin Leif’s whole night. I promise.

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Being a meal for a vampire kinda resets the bar, after all?

At least at this party he won’t be the dinner.

The chapter is at 17/22 but we have no idea how long the party itself will be. It can still happen.

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