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Party Prep 18/22

Party Prep 18/22 published on 12 Comments on Party Prep 18/22

Don’t have a color code in the transcript for the United Islander font…yet.

These aren’t quite the lyrics for the Platonic Ideal Eurovision Song “Love Love Peace Peace“, but that’s the idea.

[Lyrics in United Islander (memorized phonetically)]

Larch (singing): We’ll save the world / with love and peace / and being friends / and happiness

Leif: Oh — is it the time when we’re supposed to — “Sing along”?

Larch: Huh, that sounded like the Ceannic for “singalong.”

Leif: Did that mean “yes”?

Larch: Oh, are you saying you want to sing along? That would be great! Okay, how do I ask what songs you know . . . You, music, yes?

Leif (singing): We’ll be the heroes / having fun / believe in love / for everyone

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Leif and Larch: Connection Established!

As I was only aware of Eurovision as a concept, rather than ever watching the competition, I had always assumed that Love Love Peace Peace was more earnest than that… and was actually IN the running, rather than being a literal metacomentary on the winning entries over the years…

Music cipher:
Panel 1:
Don’t tell the gods I left a mess
I can’t undo what has been done

Panel 3:
Let’s run for cover
And tell the ………. sing
it like a …..

Panel 4:
greatest anthem ever heard
We are the heroes of our time

Just in case you’re like me and only learned about Eurovision pretty recently, here’s a doc that got me up to speed on this mess and gives you an idea on what to expect.

Thanks! Along with bringing me up to speed, it’ll be kinda perfect “background fluff” while I’m cleaning. 😆

Honestly, for background fluff, I’d recommend actual Eurovision broadcasts! Which are also all over Youtube. 2013 and 2016 have particularly good hosting, if you want somewhere to start. (…I’ve been watching the semifinals and the grand finals, but maybe start with the grand finals.)

Nice to seen that Leif knows how to sing other nation’s music, not just his own.

I think there was a panel where he explicitly decided to memorize every single song that was going to be in the competition, Just In Case.

Leif is very into being Very Prepared, which is the one trait of his I can relate to lmao

I would find his preparedness super cute if it were purely driven by enthusiasm, but when it’s because he’s afraid everything is a test and he’ll be punished if he gets it wrong, it just kind of makes me go ‘aaaaa’ for him. :-/

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