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Party Prep 19/22

Party Prep 19/22 published on 5 Comments on Party Prep 19/22

Leif (singing): We’ll make the world / a better place / for every nation / every race

Leif & Larch (singing): With happy friendship love and peace and looooove!

Larch: That was amazing! Did I just get lucky and pick your favorite, or do you know all the Kolpovision contenders?

Leif: Um — I —

Larch: Oh, right! Thorn taught me a phrase to use when I ask you things. “This is not a test. This is just for fun.”

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I wonder if Larch knows what that phrase means….

Music cipher:
But we’re dancing with the
demons in our minds

He might not know the translation word for word, but I’d expect Thorn to have informed him of the meaning.

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