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Party Prep 22/22

Party Prep 22/22 published on 11 Comments on Party Prep 22/22

Another song in a new language, this time in the vein of hits like Netta’s “Toy” (2018).

Larch & Leif (singing): Hmm-bucka-hmm pam-pam-pala-lam-bam looloo! bubba-lubba-dub

[not a botched translation, even to native speakers it’s a row of nonsense syllables]

Larch & Leif (singing): Don’t need your love / To rise above! / Don’t need your help / To love myself!

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Larch and Leif must have scallions forthwith.

I am confused. Where is this cipher coming from? Granted, it is not written in standard form, but I just see musical notes and symbols.

When Erin adds the musical notes to the page, she’s typing sound effects and applying a font called “Tonedeaf BB” if I recall correctly. This basically makes the musical notes a substitution cipher, only instead of substituting the glyphs that we call ‘letters’, it’s substituting musical glyphs.

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