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Party Prep 4/22

Party Prep 4/22 published on 7 Comments on Party Prep 4/22

Tansy: Is he sure about this?

Mata: He is!

Tansy: Are you sure about this?

Pato: (nod)


Thorn: Tansy, your engineer friends are already here?

Mata: Uh-huh!

Tansy: They said they wanted to study our giant appliances.

Thorn: Doesn’t this “studying” look a lot like “enjoying a free theme-park ride”?

Tansy: Yes! Yes, it does.

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Gotta wonder what the relative G-force is for someone that small being spun around by a mixer. Seeing as Pato seems to have been knocked out it’s got to be at least 5.

Oh. Oh, that was on purpose, I see.

It’s interesting to me how chill Tamaputians are with humans. They’re just like ‘We appreciate your giant world and your ability to yeet us around places.’ That’s a good attitude when it comes to international relationships 🙂

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