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Party Prep 6/22

Party Prep 6/22 published on 8 Comments on Party Prep 6/22

Whoops, queued this strip out-of-order with tomorrow’s…everybody just pretend you didn’t see anything, okay?

(And look closely at strip #5 for some low-res appearances of neck tattoos.)

Mata: Uh-huh! Sure.

Thorn: Wait, is that signing? You can sign! Leif, Pato knows sign language too! You can talk directly to each other!

[vigorous gesturing]

Leif: . . . It’s not the same sign language.

Pato: (shrug)

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Hahaha, this is especially funny to me because it actually has happened to me!

There’s many official sign languages in the world, and the only one I know is ASL. A lot of people just think that sign is sign.

It’s not something most people think about. Language itself is weird, too. I mean, until you hear someone speaking a language you don’t know, do you honestly think there’s more than one?

And even within a language, there’s dialects. When I learned ASL, I was taught that difference for “doctor” on the East Coast and West Coast. Completely different word-signs, even if the letter-signs and number-signs are the same

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