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Party Prep 7/22

Party Prep 7/22 published on 10 Comments on Party Prep 7/22

This time it’s a callback to Tansy and Mata’s last co-engineering project.

Patreon supporters weren’t charged this month (and I might pause them next month too, depending on the state of the world), but you’re still getting a free wallpaper. Featuring Ivy — the magical girl who could get the most mileage out of a giant bar of soap.

Tansy: Okay, guys, let’s leave Thorn the kitchen. He might want to do some actual mixing.

Mata: Ooh, can we go check out the plumbing fixtures now?

Tansy: Okay, but I’m not dropping you down any pipes this year.

Mata (whispering): Hey, um . . . would it be rude to ask Thorn about his burns?

Tansy (whispering): Well — yes. But he’s a little famous. You can look it up.

Leif: The tattoos on their necks . . . I don’t want to be rude, but do you think they’re servants?

Thorn: I think that has a different meaning in Tamapoa. But you’ll have to look it up.

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What tattoos?

You can kinda spot it on Mata’s neck in panel 1, and Pata’s is visible on the last two pages.

They’ve rather consistently been portrayed from the front or at a long enough distance that we had no hope of seeing their neck tattoos.

They’re marriage tattoos – I believe a duck and a beaver, but I can’t find the page where they were described. It was one of the ‘filler’ pages but I can not for the life of me remember where, and going through their tags hasn’t turned up anything.

Though, now that I think of it, it might only have been on Erin’s DA…

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