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Party Prep 9/22

Party Prep 9/22 published on 11 Comments on Party Prep 9/22

Crystalpedia article: Receiving the upper-back tattoo is part of the traditional coming-of-age ceremony when a Tamaposka citizen turns 21. They pick an animal based on this cute symbolism


Hyacinth: So, hey — Oh! A-are you Leif?

Leif: “Hello, my name is–“ Um, yes! That’s me.

Hyacinth: I’m Hyacinth! Uncle Thorn says you answer his Sønska questions?

Leif: I try! Do you have one?

Hyacinth: Okay, so in the Holger Saga, the Ceanska translation implies Gertrud didn’t want to tell Viggo about her family, but the word —

Leif: . . . I haven’t even read that series in years . . .

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1. Oh no, nerd questions 😆
2. Is Hyacinth’s hair supposed to look brown on this page? It had a blue undertone before.

After looking back, it seems like it’s always been brownish.

Early pages it had grey highlights, but Hyacinth’s previous appearance in Family Deserts 32/33 is definitely blue-black.

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