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Performance Review 12/18

Performance Review 12/18 published on 4 Comments on Performance Review 12/18

Staff: Kale? Come on in.

Thorn (thinking): Oh, good, I don’t know of any mass murderers named Kale.

Thorn: . . . Enjoy your therapy?

Thorn (thinking): Good grief, Thorn, could you sound any more inane if you tried?

Kale: . . . You too.

Thorn (thinking): Well, that was awkward. Good thing I’ll probably never see the guy again.

Tiernan: If only this hadn’t been really obvious foreshadowing.

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let’s see, we’ve got 1: talked to main character, 2: a dramatic backstory was teased, and 3: the guy’s got a Proper Noun now. The only way him joining the cast could be foreshadowed *more* is one of the characters breaking the 4th wall and acknowledging the fact, OH WAIIIIIT…….

Placing my bet, sucker’s gonna either be part of the hunters and is Thorn’s next antagonist, or he’ll be a rival love interest. Any takers?

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