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Performance Review 13/18

Performance Review 13/18 published on 10 Comments on Performance Review 13/18

Getting all therapeutic up in here.

Thorn: . . . so with that many things going wrong, who wouldn’t get a little stressed, am I right?

But I coped! And I’m doing a lot better since then. Look at me today: calm, confident, secure . . .

Voluntarily sitting with my back to the window, even!

Therapist: I also see that your soulbonded cat is checking for threats in my lamps.

Thorn: Listen, when it comes to light fixtures, you can never be too careful.

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And you never know about those light fixtures…

I’d love a handy furry friend to check stuff out in strange places (I have an anxiety disorder and do not do well in strange places). I thought I was really doing well last time I had a therapy intake session, until the counsellor gently pointed out that I’d just managed to pull the dangly thing off the window blind… hadn’t even noticed I was fiddling with it…

Though if I HAD a soulbound cat, it would probably have chewed the cord instead or something.

Better Tiernan looking around than Thorn getting fidgeting, but that’s just me. XD

Speaking of Tiernan, I got cheeky and did a Sylesti design based on her. XD It’s not exact, of course, because the critter base I used doesn’t have a marking set like hers, but I still like it.

Sounds cute! (I remember you did that one of Cybele, too.) Do you have a link?

Oh, she’s lovely. And the markings totally work — it’s like what would happen a guest artist with a much more elaborate style did a Leif & Thorn storyline.

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