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Performance Review 14/18

Performance Review 14/18 published on 3 Comments on Performance Review 14/18

Thorn: . . . so there was a street vendor selling fresh-grilled hot dogs at the train station, and I didn’t even flinch . . .

. . . and they’re going to bring me in for a few more review sessions, but I can go back on duty next week.

Tansy: This never would’ve happened if you’d just had a birthday dinner with your big sister, you know.

Thorn: I know, Tansy.

Tansy: And even if it did, I would deal! I’m very good at adapting to food-based issues. My son will only eat four things! If the only one you can’t deal with is meat, that’s child’s play!

Thorn: I’m sure you would handle it, Tansy.

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